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    Instructions :Volumes #1 & #2  


Recommended install, drag the contents of the pattern folder to the CINEMA folder called patterns this
will add the 69 textures to your patterns restart CINEMA (CINEMA 4D XL must have all the patterns
in a single folder) Now open the color pallet and import the color.
Thats it, there is a new color group called levels_of_detail_vol1
These are full multi-brush colors, for them to work you must apply a material and turn on the following
channels...color, diffuse-add 67%, bump 56%, specular color_dirt color, and displacement_-3_35%
The brush presets can be adjusted into thousands of new brushes.
Each channel must have a image map to work, and the multi-brush must be turned on.
Refer to pg 98-103 in the BodyPaint reference manual for more info.
The easiest way (there are more than a few ways to get started)
Is to apply a material to your model. Then with the material selected open the layers pallet
and check on the channels pull down menu and turn on the color, diffuse, bump, specular color and
Name each one and save them.
Save your project.
The next step is to set up your UV coordinates to map your model.
This can be a bit tedious but gets easier with a little practice.
Now you can paint with any of the fifteen rock colors on any object
that you apply the UV material to. If you check out the cover project closely all fifteen rocks are UV
mapped with a single texture map. This is the power of BodyPaint.
Colors are the most flexible and have scaling settings, the brushes have edge control and a lot more
settings combined there is no limit to what can be done with these tools.

To Install the Brush Set, repeat the above directions with in the brush pallet, use the brush import file.
The patterns are already installed. The texture set up remains the same as with colors.
At the time of this pre-release CD-Texture brushes seem to loose settings to four channels.
These can be fixed manualy, by turning the brush color setting to texture paint for each of missing
settings. You then must find the proper channel in the patterns folder.
Be sure to save as a preset. They will then function fine.
The four problem brushes are.
1. rr_cl_3---needs displacement
2. rr_cl_7---needs diffuse
3. rr_med_1---needs diffuse
4. rr_med_3---needs displacement

There is no limit to what can be done with these colors and brushes, in preparing this cd I was surprised
as to how flexible this texture system can be. Try mixing and using these textures for grunge and many
other surfacing needs.
I'm sure you will have lots of fun.
Please send any samples to me and I will post them up in the site.
Thanks Again

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