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Our ultra realistic multi channel seamless textures have been specially designed to work with BodyPaint 3D. The texture sets are in .psd format and will work with any 3D package. Bodypaint 3D allows you to paint directly on the 3D models with the most photo realistic UV textures available. They can also be modified to create thousands of new textures. The 25mb seamless textures can be used for print and video. These textures are designed for serious professionals and can save your team a lot of time and effort. Free samples can be found in the download area of this website. Click on the graphics below to view the collections.

New levels of detail products are being added, so keep checking back

The products listed below are shipping now!


Coming soon support for...DEEP PAINT 3D , XSI, Maya, Lightwave, 3D studio Max,

and Electric Image / Universe

We are proud to announce the "American Film Archive"

DV stock video footage collection is available and shipping now! These clips can be dragged into Final Cut Pro and played with out any rendering needed. A true time saver. Every frame of video is available for your inspection.

Just click on the graphics below!

These CD's can be purchased directly from Paypal, Turbo Squid, or Our Network Store!

Buy Levels of Detail images here!
Buy Levels of Detail images here!

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